EU Initiative to strengthen Circular Economy in the Automotive Sector

In July 2023, the European Commission introduced a Proposal for Regulation aimed at advancing the automotive sector’s transition to a circular economy. This initiative encompasses the entire lifecycle of vehicles, from their inception to their end-of-life treatment. Central to this proposal is the introduction of a Circular Vehicles Regulation, which includes the concept of a Circularity Vehicle Passport (CVP). The CVP is designed to serve as a pivotal tool within the EU framework, facilitating end-of-life processes by providing crucial information and disassembly instructions for vehicle components to downstream stakeholders. While electronic components are acknowledged in this initiative, they currently do not command central attention.

However, it is evident that further measures are necessary to address potential challenges. Specifically, there is a pressing need to mitigate the risk posed by the increasing prevalence of electric and electronic components in new cars. Without appropriate action, there is a concern that this trend may adversely impact recyclability. Additionally, there is a vital imperative to ensure the effective recovery of precious metals and critical raw materials to maximise sustainability and resource efficiency.